M. Nathan, a gift from God.

My name is M. Nathan D. Following a perfectly normal, uneventful pregnancy and a short, easy delivery I was born in Hamburg on my mother's birthday (2 days earlier than the doctors had predicted).

Apart from newborn jaundice I seemed to be a healthy baby and my mother took me home a week after I was born.

For the first two months I was a "cry baby" who screamed and screamed, but no-one could say why, even after lots of visits to different doctors. When I was 8 months old and still couldn't crawl my paediatrician prescribed me physiotherapy, where my parents were advised to take me to see a specialist. I think the physiotherapist already suspected something but didn't want to be the one to tell my parents.

In memory of Annika

In memory of Annika, whobore imprisonment in her body with such dignity. We hope that her reward willbe acceptance into the ranks of the angels. 1999 - 2005

The special mother

God mentions a name to an angel and says with a smile: "I'm going to give her a handicapped child". The angel is curious: "Why her Lord? She's so happy..."